Monday, July 18, 2011

Diet Cheat Day

So, generally speaking, most healthy fitness diets consist of one "cheat day" per week. This is an opportunity to eat outside the usual so your body can replenish the carbs, fats, and any other nutrients it's been depleted of - and put them to good use. One should be sure to still include veggies, carbs, proteins, and fats into a cheat day - but can be anything you'd like with no limits on amounts of each.

For my cheat day, my boyfriend Michael and I went to East Side Marios. What better cheat? Unlimited bread and salad, and a relatively large portion of pasta. So we thought...

I have never felt WORSE after a cheat day. It makes me not want to diet cheat at all - which you'd think would be the opposite. The salad was delicious, as always, but the bread quality has been going down over the years, along with the pasta quality. I hate to inform you that my pasta choice was "Vernazza Peppercorn Alfredo" - was far from what I expected with regard to the description, left me bloated, saline, and exhausted. Mike and I passed out when we got home and didn't recuperate for the remainder of the evening. The worst part was - we got totally ripped off. Over $40 for 2 meals of mediocre quality.

We pinky-swore to never go there again...

Hopefully next Sunday's cheat will be more satisfying to my wallet, belly, body, and senses.

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