Monday, September 12, 2011

Bubble People

So yesterday I went to Ikea. Ikea - famous for it's ridiculous bubble people illustrating what to do and what not to do - comics are appreciated in every language, apparently. Ikea, also famous for including everything you need to complete your furniture project, so I thought.

I bought 3 new shelves to put up in my room - crucial for setting up my room and finally getting organized. All 3 of the shelves required screws and other bits of plastic in order to put them on the wall. I was given everything to make the shelf and nothing to put it on the wall. Kind of fights it's purpose.... So attempt 2 at shelves is happening tonight.

Monday-morning alarm clock fail - 'nough said.

Now Jeanette Jenkins is ringing in my ears - fail to plan and you're planning to fail.

I had an awesome workout yesterday at LA Fitness in Burlington. Hammered down all-around shoulders and then hit the treadmill for a hard 20min sprint workout. 

Time to prepare my meals and hit the gym! Week one here I come.

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