Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy Tuesdays!

Today was honestly a great day :) I started my day at around 8:30. Spent a frustrating half hour trying to convince my printer to stop translating everything into computer gibberish. Later got ready for class, went to school, home for lunch, back to school, then GYM GYM GYM!

After my cardio warm up I saw one of my old high school friends and started up chatting with her. She totally KILLED my gym-time chatting - but I love her so that's fine with me :) Then I crammed my actual workout into the 35ish min I had left, which was great for keeping my heart rate up actually. I was changing to go back to class and realized that I forgot my work shoes at home, and only had 21min to go home, shower, change, get my work shoes, and get back to class! I somehow pulled it off - heaving and sweating - only 3min late for class. After class, straight to work til 8, then hit up No Frills and Fortinos with Mikey, and came home to make stir fry!

I felt awesome all day today - especially once I went to the gym - finally I am getting that work-out high that I have been desperately missing for so long! Feels good to be getting some motivation back in me.

I am also loving my new house! My room is bigger with new floors, and I'm FINALLY getting everything organized and functional. It is also amaaazzing to be so close to the school! My new room mates are great - they're all super cool nice people :) I appreciate so much living with people who are active and healthy like me! and as a bonus, everyone does their dishes right after eating, keeps everything clean and tidy. Mutual respect is extremely important, and I finally have that here. Plus, I can do my own thing and no one talks about me behind my back. So happy with my decision :) Life is rollin' rollin' rollin'. I am so well taken care of and so blessed in every part of my life.

CHEERS - to healthy living and happy, positive people!

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